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Is it safe to exercise during pregnancy?

Actually, I will clarify that I know that exercising during pregnancy is safe and most doctors will normally advice some exercise. My question is more, as a person who does not normally exercise at all, would it be safe for me to start walking more and maybe doing light weights for my arms while I’m pregnant (I am not yet)?

The reason why I think this may be a good thing is that I want to cut down the chances of developing gestational diabetes or pregnancy-related hypertension. I also may get me into better shape so that I can lose post-pregnancy weight faster.

I know you are not doctors but maybe someone here has previously questioned your doctor on this.


If you start before you become pregnant, it’s better. But yeah, light, low-stress exercise is very much recommended. It helps with your own health, and (big bonus) helps make the actual labor easier.

You just sometimes have to take it down a bit. For example I’ve been doing physical therapy for my back, and my physical therapist just gave me a gentler, easier, set of exercises for while I’m pregnant. If you’re wondering about any specific exercise, just be sure to talk to your doctor.

Weight Gain in Pregnancy

You know you’re going to gain weight during your pregnancy, and you’re probably curious as to how much weight you will gain.

How Much Weight Will I Gain?weight gain in pregnancy

Weight gain in pregnancy is hard to estimate and of course will vary from person to person.

In general the range of weight gain you may expect can be anywhere from 25 – 40 pounds, and perhaps as much as 50 pounds. Your pre-pregnancy weight and fitness level, can greatly determine how much weight you should gain.

For example, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists estimate a weight gain of 25-37 pounds for a woman who was at normal weight before pregnancy.

Women who are under weight, should gain between 28-40 pounds.

Women who are overweight should gain about 15-25 pounds.

As you can see, if you are overweight your doctor may not want you to gain as much weight as someone who is at their target weight. Your doctor is the best person to ask about your weight gain.

It’s never a good idea to diet while pregnant, but your doctor may want you to improve your diet by eating healthier. YOur doctor may want you to limit weight gain, that could harm you and your baby, while still providing you and your baby the proper nutrients.

How Fast Will the Weight Come On?

The normal wight gain during the trimesters of pregnancy break down like this:

First Trimeter – About 3-5 pounds
Second Trimester – About 1-2 pounds per week
Third Trimester – About 1-2 pounds per week

What Causes the Extra Weight?

In a normal pregnancy, here is what causes your weight gain.

The average baby weight is about 7 to 8 pounds at birth.

Increased blood volume in your body can weigh 3-4 pounds.

The increase of other fluids can add another 3-4 pounds.

Your body stores extra fat during pregnancy, usually between 6 an 8 pounds of weight.

Your breasts can add another 2-3 pounds.

The amniotic fluid, uterus and placenta can add up to 4-5 pounds.

That all adds up to 25-32 pounds of weight gain in pregnancy.

How Can I Keep Excessive Pregnancy Weight Off?

Of course exercising will help you keep off some of the weight, and help you to lose the weight more quickly after pregnancy.

To keep excessive weight gain down, it’s important to fight those late night craving of treats, that are usually junk food, that are full of fat.

Instead of snacking, focus on eating right. Here are some daily recommendations of foods from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists:

3 servings of milk, yogurt, and cheese
3 servings of protein
3 servings of fruits
4 servings of vegetables
9 servings of whole grain products

As the weight comes on, welcome it as being part of the wonderful process you are going through. Just be aware of excessive weight gain in your pregnancy and take care of yourself. The hard work will pay off for you and your baby.

If you need help, the Pregnancy Exercise Manual contains a healthy pregnancy eating plan, along with a detailed pregnant exercise routine.

Barb and Mike

Pregnant Exercise First Trimester Guidelines

Pregnant exercise during the first trimester of your pregnancy is generally safe, however there are a few common sense guidelines that you should follow.

Of course, before you do any exercising while pregnant, please make sure you have the okay from your doctor.

During you first trimester, you will notice a number of changes happening to your body, and to your emotions. Maintaining an exercise routine can help reduce some of these symptoms. It’s recommended that you exercise about 3-4 times a week, for about 20-30 minutes.

Exercising has been known to reduce the severity of morning sickness, reduce fatigue and help you stay in a more balanced emotional state.

At the end of your first trimester, your baby should be about 4 inches long, and weigh less than an ounce. In this early developmental stage your baby will be in the process of forming major organs, developing the heartbeat, arms, legs and hair.

Pregnant ExercisingSince your baby is in the early developmental stage during the first trimester, your exercise routine can still be very strong, more so than in later stages of pregnancy. But, you still need to use common sense and exercise some caution.

Here are some common guidelines to follow.

It’s not a good idea to exercise on an empty stomach during pregnancy, so eat a small snack about 30 minutes before starting your exercise routine.

With your body going through the normal pregnancy changes, it’s important to stretch and warm up more than you had pre-pregnancy.

Before exercising, make sure have been drinking water and your body is hydrated. Also, make sure you drink water throughout your workout – remember, you are drinking for two. And, don’t forget to drink plenty of water after your workout.

Do not over-exert yourself. If you have been exercising up to this point, you know what your pregnant exercise limits are – no need to try and exceed those limits now.

Monitor your heart rate. Generally your heart rate should not climb above 140 beats per minute.

You also don’t want to become too winded, your body needs plenty of oxygen and your babies body needs plenty of oxygen. You should be able to carry on a normal conversation.

During pregnancy your joints soften, and you will become – how do we say this nicely – you will become a little bigger. Your balance may not be what it normally is, so you need to be a little more cautious to protect yourself from falling. We would suggest you not partake in exercises like skating, roller blading or any other activity that requires great balance.

You also need to avoid any sort of activity that involves hard physical contact – we’re not sure what that would be, but use common sense and avoid anything that could lead to a hard blow the stomach area.

It’s best to choose a pregnant exercise that is low impact, and where your feet are pretty much on the floor, like brisk walking, swimming or biking.

For a safe pregnant exercise experience we recommend this easy to follow pregnancy exercise plan. It provides you with a detailed exercise plan to help keep you on track.

Barb and Mike

Pregnant Exercises

Welcome to Pregnant Exercises, where our goal is help you maintain an exercise routine throughout your pregnancy.

First, we would like to congratulate you on your pregnancy. We hope the best for you and your baby, and hope we can help make your pregnancy more enjoyable.

Perhaps you found us because your are wanting to find out if it’s okay to exercise during pregnancy.

Well, the short answer is “yes”, absolutely you can exercise during your pregnancy, and you should exercise throughout your pregnancy.

Maybe you found this site because you understand the importance of exercising during your pregnancy, and are looking for some tips on exercising during your entire pregnancy.

Exercising during a normal pregnancy can be done safely. It always important to check with your doctor before you start any exercise routine, so make sure you check with your doctor to make sure a moderate exercise routine is okay for you and your baby.

We know this is an exciting time, and it can also be a tying time, as your life takes a new direction. It can be easy to use your pregnancy as an excuse to stop exercising.

If you currently workout, don’t let yourself fall into the trap of thinking that you should quit exercising because you’re just going to put on weight anyway. Maintaining an exercise routine, while pregnant, will pay off as your pregnancy progresses, and also help you get back into pre-pregnancy shape after your pregnancy.

If you don’t currently exercise, and have not had an interest in exercising, you will find it especially difficult to start exercising now. But, I strongly encourage you to start exercising now, the sooner the better! It may be hard to get started now, but it will get more difficult the longer you put it off. Start exercising now, and you will be thPregnant Exerciseanking me later.

Exercising during your pregnancy can help you enjoy your pregnancy more, can help you have a better delivery experience (if there is such a thing) and can help you get back into pre-pregnancy shape faster.

As the normal pregnancy weight comes on, exercise can help you feel better about yourself. It has also been reported that pregnant exercises can help reduce the chance of having a caesarean section.

Studies have also shown that your baby will benefit from your exercise during pregnancy. Babies born to moms who exercised during pregnancy were able to tolerate birth stress better, were more advanced in learning, and more mature in their behavior and emotional stability.

Pregnant exercises don’t have to include anything extreme like marathons, and of course it shouldn’t 🙂

Depending on your stage of pregnancy, your exercise plan could include your normal workout. It could be aerobics, swimming, running, walking, or simply being active going about your normal day.

We here at Pregnant Exercises hope we have helped you understand the importance of exercising during pregnancy, and hope you see how exercising during pregnancy can help you.

We hope you’ll come back as we will be providing more information on exercising during the different stages of your pregnancy, plus provide resources that will help you find the right type of safe pregnant exercises that will work for you.

If you need help getting started exercising today, we recommend you get your very own copy of the pregnant exercises plan. This easy to follow pregnancy exercise plan, will guide you through exercising safely, will stop you from piling on unwanted pounds, and it will help you feel good during your pregnancy.

Barb and Mike

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